Being a writer insists you to think a new and fresh idea for every single second otherwise you don’t have idea of what to write. It is very bad when you find yourself in the moment of having no ideas but as a writer, you are insisted of being productive. You might also need to collect your writing project soon to fulfill the deadline but you have not accomplished yours already. Therefore, you need to look for many ways in order that you can be more and more productive writer.

10 Ways To Become A More Productive Writer That You Need To Know

If you are a writer and you often experience the moment when you have no idea, here several ways that can be your reference to become a more productive writer:

1. Prepare you body and mind

Before conducting writing activities, it is very important for you to take care of your body in order that you will have the maximum activity. Things that you need include eating a good diet, drinking a lot of water, having enough sleep and doing exercise. All of these things are very important in order that you can have your best performance in the writing process. Moreover, adding your body with vitamin, supplement and nutritional product is also good. When you have your body in fresh condition, then you will have the fresh mind. You will be very easy to write when you have a fresh mind.

2. Take frequent break

Give a chance your body to take a break for minutes. Studies find that taking a break from the work for hours can improve the productivity of worker. It is better than worker who has no break and has continuous working. Therefore, take time for once in an hour to walk around your home, to drink water or to stretch in order that you will be able to be a productive writer.

3. Set your daily priorities

Everything can be done first when you set it as become your first priority. All you need to do is that you have to make to do list what the things that you should do first. When you are working on your first priority, make sure that you don’t have done the other activities, like posting on social media, checking email or calling your mom.

4. Master your thought

Negative thinking will ruin everything, so that you have to set your mind in positive thinking. By mastering your mind, it will be easier for you to turn your negative into positive thought. One in a time, you might think that your goal cannot be accomplished sooner or you can get your job done with the rest of the time available, so that it makes you lazy to do your job. therefore, all you need to do is that you have to change your mind by making affirmation that you can do it well.

5. Make a schedule in writing process

Making schedule for you will be very important in order that you can have everything done. By making a schedule for yourself, you are insisted to be discipline and you have to follow through your schedule well. We have 24 hours in a day, when you cannot make a schedule for yourself; it might be difficult for you to have your time in order so that all you have is just messy activities. Make your life balance between you writing activities and your personal time, so that by making a schedule, you will know when you need to write and when you have to spend your personal life.

6. Give yourself a reward

Giving yourself a reward can be an effective way to make you become more productive writer. A reward might courage you to write more and more in order that you achieve what you want. For instance, you may like giving a five stars on your own calendar as a sign that you have accomplished something great in your life, like accomplishing writing project that you make by your own. Therefore, it can make you like to do every writing project in fire in order that you get the five stars from yourself.

7. Become accountable

Becoming accountable might be difficult for you, but it does not mean that you can do this. You need to account what you have achieved in your life, including your writing activities. This might be able to remind you that you have the things done and some have done yet. Therefore, it can motivate you when the time you have not accomplished your achievement.

8. Set deadlines

Setting deadline for yourself is also important in order that you can accomplish your work on time. However, you need to work hard to discipline yourself to follow through the deadlines. In making the deadline, you have to remember that time will worth it if you have got everything done.

9. Spend more hours in the chair

Whether you are having no idea or you are having the ideas in your mind, you have to keep yourself to spend your hours in the chair in order that you are sooner getting your job done. It is a matter of the time. You have to realize that you need to spend the time in the chair because you want to accomplish your work very soon.

10. Decide what you really want

It is very important to decide what you want in your life in order that you can have your priority for your time. Ask yourself whether writing is the activity that you really want and you want to focus on. Knowing whether you love what you do is very important to make yourself in fire when you are doing your job. If you love your job, no matter you are in overwhelmed condition, you will fight for the best result of your job.

Those are all the things that you need to do when you want to be a more productive writer. In conclusion, it is clear that making your writing project as your priority is one of the keys of being a productive writer. Everything is needed in order that you have you time and energy to focus on what you do so that it will be very easier for you to achieve your goal.

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One of the simplest ways for people to make money is through the internet. it has been very long time ago that the internet becomes potential to make money or to introduce businesses worldwide. If you are going to run your business in the internet or you want to just open the chance of multiple streams of income, here the five websites that can be the reference for you to make money online. You can follow through these websites if you want to start up your business online.

5 Websites To Make Money Online For Freelancers That Can Be Your Reference

If you want to start up your new business looking for money from the internet, you can try these five website that might give you reference and you can join to this website:

1. Fiverr

This website is already established for long time ago and it becomes one of the easiest websites to follow to earn money. It run very simple, you only join to this website with only cost 5$ minimum. You can post your ability or service that you want to give in this website, then you will find people who need you to hire you. They will pay you for working. In this website, you don’t need to worry about the payment because you can get paid even before your job is accomplished.

Joining this website gives you some advantages, such as the payment protection that is already guaranteed so that you don’t have to worry when your client do not want to pay you and you only pay for minimum 5%. You does not need marketing to sell your capability because this site is already established so long so that there are so many people already know this site. You can also work with your terms and it is very easy and fast to register.

Besides, there are also disadvantages by joining this website, such as there are so many competitions to work and it is very hard to build a business. therefore, it will impact on how much money you make.

2. Craigslist

It seems like the craigslist works like a freelance job, but it does not actually freelance. You need to apply a job and you get a job like a regular job. To join this website and make a new start up, it is very simple and easy. You only need to write your portfolio on this website and let the client looking for you and hire you. This website gives you easy access to look for job and you can work with your own pleasure. You don’t need to have the job that you can control or the job that requires pressure. You can also make money as much as you can. However, the weakness of this website is that you might find clients that are not always reputable.

3. Elance

This website belongs to one of the biggest marketplace that is available for freelancer. There are so many freelancer and many clients looking for professional worker. It provides so many talent such as, writer, web designer, translator, programmer, etc. If you want to join this website to sell your capability and ready for working, you can submit your proposal for this website with very simple way. Joining this website will open opportunities for you. However, there are so many other freelancers that join with this website and it increase year by year. You can also have a chance to success on making money through this website. This website will give you free service and it is very easy to use. these become the advantages of joining this website. Moreover, it is very easy to manage tax document and you will also get many kind of job that is trustworthy. The weakness of joining this website is that you need to take more time in order that you established your business. There some freelancer that succeed, there are also many freelancer that only earn little money around $1 to $2 per hour.

4. oDesk

oDesk is simple site that provide you to make money by giving your service to have a job. it is also very easy to join the oDesk. You only require signing up and making payment and then you are ready to work with your clients. oDesk belongs to a great website when you are a beginner in making money online. As a beginner, you are also paid lower. However, it makes you easier in establishing yourself to sign up and becoming the freelancer.

The advantages of joining this site are that it has very good design with simple set up. For beginner, it is very great. You can also use interface so that it will make you easier. However, the weakness of this website is that you are paid too low when you are going to establish your big business.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer is a simple site that provides you to join this website for you to advertising yourself in the website. By writing your portfolio, the prospect clients will see you and your talent. They will post a project that you will be free to bid the job or not. you just simply bid a job if you want the job. you have to compete with other freelancer to get the job because there are so many freelancer that also bid for certain work. You can provide the abilities you have ad you can bid the project that you really want and you really master, so that if there are clients hire you, you give the best performance on your job. it is very easy to get started with freelancer. It is free of charge, but if you want to have more and more job, you can upgrade your member and get more job. it is very fun to join this website. You can choose to work or not, it depends on yours.

Those are five websites that are very potential to open your opportunity to make money online. In making money online, you might need to learn first at the beginning. Nothing great is achieved easily, the only thing that you have to do is that you have to learn everything in order that you finally master in the internet business. You can choose to one of that website if you are interested to make money online easily because internet business is very complex, so that you can do the smallest thing by focusing on one subject in order that you get success in the online business.

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The advancement of technology has many positive impacts for you. You can be extremely popular by having certain job in the online area because the online area gives you the opportunity to get many things done in a short time. You can choose to have the job or to share all of your thoughts in the online way of sharing. It is free and you can choose many ways to do that. Blog becomes the one that is usually used by the users to share their opinions. How to make your blog popular? Well, sometimes it doesn’t work well. Reasons why your blog is not popular should be observed to do this one. Analyze which reason make that thing happens.

To make the good blog surely is not easy. You need to spare time and give effort to make your blog stands out the most. Blogging is an easy activity, in which you can have many things to be shared to people. Have the good understanding on the reasons why your blog is not popular and the solution for the problem. As the professional blogger, you should not write or share the things which will not attract people to read or even visit the blog. The world is better when you share the thing to people. All of the thoughts you share will surely be appreciated by others. The way on solving the problems also can be done easily.

Dig Out More Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Popular

This is the good time to talk more about having and making the blog that you have becomes much more popular. Know more how to pick the right way and avoid the reasons why your blog is not popular. It has the good meaning when your blog starting to get the recognition from people. Make the good blog and pick the best one as the theme for the blog itself. No need to worry about the amateur thing that you have, everything will be okay in the end. Here are the most popular reasons you should avoid:

1. Having The Bad Blog Name

The name that you give for the blog is surely very important because it will attract people’s attention to your blog. Many successful blogs come from the unique name and the name which is easy to be remembered. Pick the best name in order to get the perfect traffic and the popular blog you always dream of. This one of the reasons why your blog is not popular comes because the bad name you give for the blog.

2. The Worst Theme Or Appearance

After knowing that the bad names might impact to your successfulness of blog, it is the time to talk about the theme you give and design for the blog. The designs should be made prettily without having any troubles. There are many ways to make this one as reality. Pick the colorful or the unique theme for your very own blog.

3. The Contents Of The Blog

The main Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Popular is how the bad contents you write. You should be careful on writing on each section of the theme that you give for the blog. Pick the right contain and make people decide which one they can choose in the daily life. No need to worry about the simple content that you pick.

4. The Reply You Give

The more you have follower over your blog, the more you should answer the question or at least just to share your opinion. Because the reply that you give is surely very important for the readers and the visitors not to get the reasons why your blog is not popular.

5. How Funny The Reply Is

Another thing to be considered when having a blog is the answer or the share you give. Do not make it too seriously, unless you have the formal blog. When you have the funny idea, why do not share it over the blog. You can have many advantage by using the funny comments and replies you give.

6. The Time It Takes For You To Reply

Please consider sparing the time between the real life and the time you use for blogging. Blogging is surely comes as the main choice for several people. The fast comment you give to the readers contribute in the great amount of level of the popularity of your blog. Pick the best time to reply the comment for not getting reasons why your blog is not popular.

7. The Reputation That You Have

For some of us, the reason on not getting the blog in the popular way is because of the reputation. The popular person must be good on promoting the blog, inside and outside of the online network. When you are a popular person, your blog is easy to get recognition from other people. Have the good popularity among others on reasons why your blog is not popular.

8. The Critiques You Give

The blog is not only contains the good thing. But also how the comments that you give over the blog gives the positive and powerful impact to the whole part of the internet community. Choose the best topic, and give the good opinion or critiques regarding the issue.

9. Too Much Ads

It leads to the people that will abandon your website. You should consider not placing so many ads over your blog. Although you might earn larger amount of money, it will distract the visitors when visiting the blog. Pick the ads in the suitable amount and you will get the better visitor for your blog and get away the reasons why your blog is not popular.

Two Big Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Popular

After knowing the kind of reasons why your blog is not popular, let’s dig out more into another reason. There are two reasons left from the blog which is not popular. The tenth one is the management you give for the blog. And the last one why your blog is not popular is giving the bad writing quality for your blog. All the reasons above you can get away for good. But these two are the most underrated reasons so far.

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Having the good understanding on earning money with so many ways might be the good idea for you. By the time goes, the need of the people get increased. It results in the need of everyone for getting a job from so many ways. The advancement of technology gets advanced by day, so that the ways to make money online without a website come as the answer for the need of people. You can get lots of money by doing the online thing without having a website. As we know having a website sometimes costs you more. Now, you don’t need to worry, even without website you still can make money.

Making money in the online thing is not as easy as you imagine. You need to know the basic knowledge you also need to know many things. Because the different media that you use, you can imagine how the different things work in the same time. Every time, the world is changing, it might lead into the good or the bad one.

Pick A Way to Make Money Online Without A Website

The skill, knowledge, and everything should be combined into one in order to get perfect ways to make money online without a website. There are no other reasons to delay everything. Before picking out the job online, consider sparing your time to get everything done. Do not make any reckless choice when choosing the way on making money online. Every side should be perfect because it needs very careful attention from you. Because the way will influence how you earn money later on. The online kind of job is hard to imagine, because it is virtual. Pick one of these ways on making money online:

1. Selling the Products

How to make this one works? Well this selling something activity surely is the best one you can do to earn money. It can be done in two ways. The first one is selling something from the real producer. The meaning of this activity is you being as a reseller. As a reseller, the only thing you need to have is marketing skill, and the good communication skill. When you have both of the skill, you will surely become as a successful seller.

Another way to earn money without a website is by using the product you make yourself. It requires the skill on making the product. The product should invite and lure the consumers to buy the product from you. There is no limit what kind of product you should be make. As long as the product meets with the need of the buyers, you can sell everything.

2. Become an analyst

Besides using the product as your main idea to earn money online, then you can choose another way. Besides using the skill on selling something, you can pick to be an analyst. Being as an analyst will surely give you lots of money. There are many side jobs that you can pick in online, and being as the one is the choice. Choosing this job surely needs the careful attention from you. It is because there are other people who also compete of this field of job. It attracts people attention because the money that you can earn. There are two types of analysts, which are the freelance analyst and the professional analyst.

If you have the skill, you can be a health analyst, a tax analyst, a stock analyst, and many other. Pick the best field of analyst to be chosen. It is the best job you can get while you do the online thing later on. Compare the field of job when you choose to be as an analyst.

3. Doing Photo shoot

There is the advancement of the social media you can get to promote the product. Ways to Make Money Online without a Website by using your skill on advertising the product might become the best solution to earn money without having too much skill. The social media helps you a lot in order to get the perfect job with the little effort. Pick which product you want to choose and which one is the good product for you to be endorsed.

Other Ways to Make Money Online without a Website
After knowing which types of job that you can choose to earn money without website then we can come to other factors. Besides all the job you can pick above, there are surely another way. Do the step carefully and wisely. Here are the options:

4. Writing

This one is not only relates with the website that you have to have. You can write anywhere. When you have certain blogs, or even you have social media account, you can write it there. It might contain information, analysis, or the other thoughts. You can freely write on your own, which types of job you want to have.

5. A Broker

Another information relate with this online thing is being a broker. You help people to sell stock or to give the information on how the money market works. You have to have the good understanding on the latest market news and changing. The development of this kind of money market thing gives you the chance to get online job.

6. The Arbitrage Thing

It closely relates with the money market that the paragraph above mentioned. The arbitrage relate with the forex market. The best way to get money online is by using your knowledge and skill to get many things done. Be careful on choosing the way you get money from.

Be careful on choosing ways to make money online without a website that you pick later on. It might contain some of the things that are harmful for you. It relates with the cybercrime that happen a lot these days. Always think twice before deciding which work will you choose for the ultimate job.

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Blogging becomes one of the activities or hobbies that interest many people in the world. People having talent in writing or having a hobby in writing makes this blogging activity as their hobby as well as earning money from their articles writings. Many of them share about their experiences that they found in their life and there are also many people providing information about the important thing that many people love to search. It might sound simple and easy thing to do and the opportunity to be the great as a successful blogger is a little. However, it cannot be said like that because there are so many successful blogger around the world that can give inspiration, like these 12 most successful bloggers around the world.

All people have a chance to be a successful in the field that they love, but there are a few of them who can do their work ethic well to reach their own success through the activities or the things that they love. These 12 most successful bloggers around the world might give you inspiration for you to follow what most of successful bloggers have done to reach their success. You can take one of them to be a role model of yours if you are in the blogging world and you want to be successful. You can also follow them especially their work of ethic even though you are not in the same field.

12 Most Successful Bloggers Around The World That Can Inspire You

These are 12 most successful bloggers around the world that might give you inspiration in following through the path of their success. You can learn more about their journey to be the successful bloggers whenever you want to improve yourself to be the one who becomes one of the inspirational blogger. They are:

1. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is one of the most popular blogger who reach their success trough the blogging about making money via stock trading. His capability in trading interests him to teach and give knowledge to other trader online. Through his writing, he gets his fame and the million dollar money started to follow. As he is very popular, he is often invited by national television like ABC, CNBC, FOX and CNN to share about stock market.

2. Pat Flynn

Through his personal blog SmartPassiveIncome.com, Pat Flynn becomes one of the successful bloggers that can give you inspiration. He started conducting his writing about the online money making project. He has so many followers and readers that drive him to get his fame and success. The content of the website that is very friendly and easy to read becomes one of the main points that lead him to success. He seems to try to spend much of his time with his family since he loves his family very much. He is also often invited by industry conferences. Pat earned more money since the readers increase day by day.

3. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an author of bestselling books, The 4-Hour Workweek and other two popular books. The blog he makes is fourhourworkweek.com/blog. He popularizes the internet lifestyle and the lifestyle design in the internet. He becomes more famous and earns many incomes.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s concern is about wine so that he talks about everything related to wine. His interest in wine brings him to successful bloggers through online video blogging. Even, he builds his wine business and it grows up to $60 million dollar wine wholesale business. He is very famous as not only businessman but also author and co-founder of Vayner Media. He is featured in many media and TV show.

5. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is one of the successful bloggers that first started blogging about SEO. He creates SEO software and it is followed by many people and subscribers. Besides, he also provides SEO consultant service and he has a big company that earns millions dollar per year and increase as he also build the other companies.

6. Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington writes a blog about technology. His blog is always up to date and there are so many technology news lovers visiting his blog. He is also known as the “Prophet of Silicon Valley” as he becomes the most influential person in the technology.

7. Andrew Sullivan

Starting his blog “The Daily Dish” in 2000, Andrew Sullivan got his many visitors in the middle of 2003. He started to work on this blog full time and with continues to follow the big revenue through his effort.

8. Brian Clark

Brian Clark is also very famous with his Copyblogger. He provides everything to learn about copywriter and content marketing related. As he gets so many visitors and it is more than 100k subscribers, Brian Clark builds several software companies, including Synthesis, Premise, Scribe and Studio Press. It gets more and more successful day by day.

9. Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin is not only a blogger but also he is an American lawyer, celebrity reporter and legal analyst. He leads his website about the celebrity gossip and he often posts his performance on TV show to his website TMZ. He also often appears as a guest on the materials in relation to the celebrity gossip such as on FOX, CNN and many other networks.

10. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is very famous blogger in the world, he build blog Mashable containing everything about the news, information and resources, ranging from technology, entertainment, lifestyle and even business. Mashable gives inspiration toward so many people so that this site becomes the most popular destination for digital networks in the world. He started blogging at the age of 19s and he is considered the youngest richest blogger in the world.

11. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is also famous with his blog containing about his entire hobby, including Olympics and his passion for photography. After that, he started making Problogger as a website to help other bloggers. He becomes a full time blogger and makes money through advertising deals, AdSense and affiliate marketing. Darren Rowse is very famous and he is considered as internet celebrity according to Forbes magazine.

12. Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobkin is the man behind the Gothamist.com, a newsy site that covers many kinds of articles such as food, events and art. The site covers the life in New York and it expanded several cities including London, Shanghai and Toronto. With his writing, he earn millions dollar every month and it drives his success.

Those are 12 most successful bloggers around the world that might give you some inspiration. You can learn from all of those successful people in blogging. You can also be one of them you try hard to achieve it. When you have passion in writing blog, you can share everything that you found in your life or share about knowledge that you have. There are so many things that can be the material for your blog. When you are consistent, you can be successful as those 12 successful bloggers.

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Nowadays, online advertising seems to become the popular way to make money online. The definition of online advertising can also be called as online marketing which uses online media or internet to promote, to acknowledge or to recognize a product or services to the customer or public. Since the advance of the technology today, many offline marketing activities are supported by online media to reach much more customers. It is because the promotional media using internet is considered as the unrestricted area so that it can widely reach people. Therefore, many people much more interested conducting marketing online as the media to promote their product or service. There are so many ways in making money online that you can learn and you can do yourself. These 7 ways to make money online with advertising might give you reference to reach your financial success.

7 ways to make money online with advertising that you can try

When you want to introduce your product and services online, there are so many ways that you can do. Have a look at these several devices to make money online with advertising:

Placing your advertisement via ad services run by search engine

Placing your advertisement online is very simple. You can have an ad service by search engine. It works very simple. You just provide articles about everything especially about the product that you put several keywords into the article to make the search engine easy to find your articles that it will lead the visitor to go to your website. In advertising your product, you can pay only when a potential client click through your ads. Making the website you have in the top of search engine range will make your product can be known easily, so that you can choose this marketing model to boost your sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing is also very simple. The way you promote your product is through sending emails to many email lists that you found. In this way of email marketing, you need to send as many emails as possible to reach your prospective buyer. You provide a contact in your letter so that your prospective customers will be very easy to contact you for more detail about the product and service you offer. You need to do research to know which the suitable target market for your product. It will make your work efficient and simple.

Making a website

Making a website that contains all about your product and service is very important. It aims to help your prospective customer to now more about your product and services to the quotation you provide and other more information you make. Not only for advertising the product, website also functions to the publication of the company you have. The more your company acknowledged by many people, the more you get a chance to take many prospective customers. You also need to synchronize the website with the social media you have in order that many visitors in your website able to share and you can also share everything about the website.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is also good in advertising your product online. As many social media user are youngsters, you can advertise your product and services to reach them. Social media is very popular in the last few decades that lead to the emergence of many kinds of social media. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of social media, ranging from facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, linkedin, and many more. You need to be active in the social media to post something useful related to your product. The more you have social media, the more your company will be known publicly.

Open online reseller

Opening reseller will give you the chance to have more buyers because you provide many marketing that you does not even give fee to your reseller. Usually, many businessmen who open reseller program will only give special price to reseller. Therefore, the reseller will get paid from every item they need. This kind of online advertisement model is very good to be applied for retailer business that needs to sell as many as products they have. It usually includes grocery product, fashion, food, etc. you can also take this way of advertisement to boost your sales.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click provides you to find prospective customer through the advertisement that you install with link, banner or widget in other blogs. You paid whenever the visitor clicks the link, banner or widget that you provide in others blogs. It will lead so many visitors come to your website to look at your product and service quotation. This is very simple and can lead many visitors of prospective customers. This advertisement model is widely used by many companies to promote their product and services.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is an advertisement using mobile phone. Many big companies have been conducting this advertisement ways to attract many customers. It was using short message service (SMS) to send broadcast message in order that a product or service widely known. Nowadays, it can be reach through the application in the Smartphone that makes easier to install advertisement. It usually appear on the game of the Smartphone and other many application in the Smartphone.

That’s all 7 ways to make money online with advertisement to reach you financial success through the increase of the sales of your product. Making money online with advertisement works very simple and it can reach widely prospective customers. The internet marketing becomes the new way to make money of people today because it is considered as having many advantages and more simple. You can start to advertise your product online by starting to build a website that contain the information about the product you and you give the contact of your company. It will increase the sales when you able to make all the online advertisement tools effectively. Moreover, the more you publish your product online or advertise it, the more chance to get many customers and the more money you will get.

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It’s been said and done; Google AdSense is the perfect tool to create your own revenue from internet. Money blogging and e-commerce is not a difficult thing to do, but it is quite complicated for beginners to start. As many bloggers aware, Google has very strict policy about AdSense Terms of Service, and you should pay more attention about not violating the policies over and over again, or your blog will end up being blocked. 13 facts about Google AdSense will definitely offer you some helps to get through the strict wall and finally make your own money. As already mentioned, getting your AdSense approved is not easy, and you have to make sure that your account active all the time.

Understanding TOS and Policies

The very first thing to do before we get to those 13 facts about Google AdSense is understanding the policies and TOS. Most commonly, bloggers think that traffic has direct impact towards how much money you get in blogging, but that doesn’t necessarily accurate all the time. In terms of AdSense advertising, there are many factors that affect your income, such as AdSense CPC, ad placement location, the type, and traffic source.

Unfortunately, many bloggers still confused between facts and myths in AdSense advertising, and they end up fail to make money through this tool. There’s a fine line between myths and 13 facts about Google AdSense that you should need to know, and then apply the tips to increase your income. The fact that more than 70% think Google AdSense is the better method to pull out some money from the internet compared to other money generator from the internet.

Believe It and Don’t Believe It

You my hear the story of those bloggers who manage to turn their blogs into cash machine overnight, but you won’t be success if you think it’s that easy. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, only that – yes, it is impossible to be rich overnight unless your blog is a huge portal type with millions of traffic per day.

Yes, there is commission you get per click, but remember that it’s not just random click, especially when you try to exploit the click to get some money using programs. Google is not that stupid to let you do that and they will verify the type of keyword and niche used of the advertiser.

13 Facts about Google AdSense

In order to grow money by doing keyword research, here are 13 facts about Google AdSense you should know about.

#1 The #1 PPC program in the world

Based on various researches, Google AdSense is by far the most popular, most favorite, and most effective PPC program in the world. There are other alternatives available, but AdSense is the best and most reliable contextual with highest paying ad network.

#2 It Starts Slow

Don’t be tricked by all those comments that you can grow ad kingdom overnight. Starting Google AdSense is not easy, and you should not expect earnings until few months. It requires hard work and great dedication.

#3 First Ad Generates more AdSense Earnings

First impression counts. Most bloggers may actually heard about this, but the true secret remains undiscovered. We know that CPC plays important role in contributing revenue. Among 13 facts of Google AdSense, the very first AdSense ad of your AdSense displayed on the web page can contribute maximum CPC (Cost per Click).

#4 Better CTR, Better Performance, Better Earnings

We now that daily traffic is part of determining roles in generating money, until certain extent. In 13 facts about Google AdSense, you will understand that the higher CTR (Click Through Rate) can result in higher revenue, although you have low traffic. You can always improve your CTR using guidelines available to actually improve your blog’s performance.

#5 Unique Visitor Vs. Returning Visitor

It may sound trivial, but it’s official. Google has stated themselves that unique visitors are more important compared to returning visitors. This is why; even though you have low traffic per day but if your blog can attract more unique visitors, your AdSense revenue will increase.

#6 Size and Location of Your Ad

The next on 13 facts about Google AdSense is the size and location of your ad that has everything to do in determining low or high CTR. Things to remember; place your first AdSense ad in particular at the best spot with maximum exposure and focus, such as above the fold. Blend the ad with your blog design to get more clicks of highest paid ads – the first one – and generate higher income. The best size of your ad will be 336*280, 300*250, and 160*600.

#7 Define Maximum Ad per Single Page

The fact that Google set standard on the maximum number of ad unit in a single page is interesting. You should pay attention to detail as they give simple rule, and they will not allow you to put more than three ad units unless your blog is premium page.

#8 Invalid Clicks and Reload

There are tools to improve your traffic that can potentially improve your earning, but this can put your site in the danger zone. Don’t repeatedly click on the ads or reload the page; even though you use different I.P, Google can detect such malicious activity.

#9 Not All Linking Work

The next in 13 facts about Google AdSense is that not all linking methods work. The one that will make your page banned is when you are linking to malicious sites such as porn, racial content, violent content, illegal software, and hacking.

#10 Buying Traffic is Illegal

Google will detect any activity that violate their policy and TOS, including when you buy traffic for your AdSense. Doing this can make your page banned.

#11 Images Vs. In-Line Text

Which one to choose? When placing you ad, you are aware there are many types such as image ads, link ads, or in-line ads. Images are more attractive for some, but the best idea will be using ads that blend properly with your site content.

#12 Sending Ads on Email Goes Viral

This method is most commonly used by publishers, but the fact is, Google doesn’t allow you to do so because it against their policies.

#13 Factors that Count

Several factors can influence AdSense to determine certain page. You need to pay attention to the URL, the page title, the keywords, anchor text, and others.

The above 13 facts about Google AdSense can help you grow revenue quickly without violating Google AdSense TOS and Policies. The most important thing is, don’t make it sticky against the policy.

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